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Dr. Matt Kirkland DC, CCEP

Hickory, NC Chiropractor

I get to do what I love everyday; improving health and hearts one adjustment at a time!

One of the best Chiropractors I've ever had. He cares about your health and well being. He takes his time to listen and meet your needs. Dr. Matt is totally awesome. I can't wait til my next appointment!

Ron C.

WOW that pretty much covers it. It’s great to find a Chiropractor that still treats his patients as if they were his only patient. Dr. Matt is outstanding!

Billy N.

I started going to Dr.Matt when I was early on in my pregnancy. I didn’t know it could be so necessary and effective to get adjusted before and after pregnancy. As a patient with Dr. Matt, my adjustments have always been catered to me. Other chiropractors in the Hickory area have made me feel like I was just another box they had to check off. Every adjustment was always the same and never adjusted to my needs. Matt always spends time making sure every chiropractic need is taken care of and changes his plan of action that day according to your individual needs. He is also very personable and professional. I will never go anywhere else!

Hope H.

I like the quality of care you receive with Dr. Matt, he spends time with you and you know you are really being listened to. His knowledge and his willingness to educate you on why chiropractic is such a pivotal part of your overall wellness care is so important. My neck is moving so much better after only my first few adjustments and it has made a big difference for me because I have had less sinus/migraine headaches and I am sleeping much better. Thank you, Dr. Matt!

Tammy C.

My first chiropractic experience was with Dr. Matt at 34 weeks pregnant, and the relief I have felt ever since makes me question why I waited so long to see him! I highly recommend his services!

Hayley P.

100% would recommend going to see Dr. Matt I walked in barely able to stand up now I am back to work and feel 1000% better.

Austin S.

Dr. Matt is very knowledgeable and caring. He is very passionate about what he does and takes great care of his clients. He also offers dry needling which is not nearly as bad as it seems. I didn't feel a thing!

Cayla M.

10/10 would recommend seeing Dr. Matt at New Directions Chiropractic. Dr. Matt took the time to explain the process of adjustments and answer any questions I had. The office is conveniently located and is so welcoming. I look forward to continuing to see Dr. Matt for my adjustments.

Victoria S.

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